A country retreat for your cat

Daily Rate

 For one cat our daily rate is $12, for more than 21 dyas  the rate reduces to $11.

 For two cats we charge $20  a day, with again a reduction to $18 for stays longer than 21 days.

We are happy to provde a special quote for large family groups  or long term stays.



Indoors and Out

Woman with cat at a pet boarding Waikanae

At Tiger Patch  your cat will have unlimited day time access to the communal outdoor area.  These multi level,  all weather areas are full of places to sit, things to play with and  structures to climb. When she is tired out from running through the play tunnels or bird watchng on the logs she can return to the indoor area at any time  for a snooze on the sunny couches or a snack back in her unit.

Food and Diet

Cat at a pet boarding

At Tiger Patch Cattery,  we believe it is important to keep your cat's diet as close as possible to her home diet - it is just one less change she has to deal with.  We stock Hills Science, Iams, and Purina as our main dry foods and are happy to provide alternatives if that is your cats preference.

Your will cat will  have access to dry food at all times in their own units which they can come and go to throughout the day, as most cats like to graze. 

Overnight we provide a wet food for your cat which they can eat at leisure.  We have a wide selection of wet foods  to meet most tastes including raw meat.


Love and Attention

Beautiful cat lying in the grass

Many people have said to me over the years they would love to run a cattey and yes it is the best job in the world!  I feel very lucky to spend much of my day with cats. 

Being a small cattery I can get to know all my cats inidivdually, so ensuring there is enough time in the day to give each cat lots of love and attention is not hard - infact it is a  perk of the job for me!

I do not charge extra for administering medications as it is part of caring for your cat. I have learnt to be a very savvy pill giver and can give insulin injections if required.